Chocolate Chip Cookies w/ Roasted Almonds…Glutenfree


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Now that the children are back to school, there is some semblance of routine in the house.  I can actually get some work done, even make a couple of phone calls without getting riled up with the two forever at each other’s throats!  The day flies by, they are back in the afternoon…with their non stop chatter and the big burning  question “What you made today?”  And  often the answer is COOKIES!!


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Having a jar full of homemade cookies  is, in a way, very reassuring  to me.  Baked treats  with good, wholesome ingredients is what we’ve all grown to enjoy.  Really there is nothing quite like a batch of homemade, oven fresh cookies to spread instant cheer while making your house smell warm and comforting.  And when its a chocolate chip cookie, boy, you’ve got yourself a whole bunch of happy!!

These classic cookies got a little makeover today…I tossed in chopped toasted almonds, cocoa nibs for extra  crrrrunch in every bite to compliment those gooey melting  chocolate puddles in the chewy cookie. And yes, I did make them gluten free using buckwheat and ragi ( finger millet) flours. They add such a great nutty and earthy flavor.  So while these babies will not win any beauty contest anytime soon, they are definitely topping the most delectable list!

choc chip cookie

This is a very easy, straightforward, one-bowl recipe.  Because you are using melted butter, there isn’t  any need to take out your mixer or even electric beater. I got my  cocoa nibs from Earthloaf.  If you can’t find them easily,  just add some extra almonds.  Do use the best dark chocolate you can get your hands on, it makes all the difference.  I used Callebaut 55% here, but I have made these with Cadbury’s Silk as well and they came out just fine.  We prefer dark chocolate.  Always.

THE RECIPE                                      makes 20

Butter, melted – 100gms

Sugar – 50 gms

Brown sugar -70gms

Egg – 1

Vanilla extract – 2 tsp

Buckwheat flour – 80 gms

Ragi ( Finger Millet )flour – 70 gms

Baking powder – 1/2 tsp

Baking soda – 1/4 tsp

Cocoa nibs – 20 gms (optional)

Chopped toasted almonds – 50 gms

Dark chocolate chips – 100 gms

How to :

Pre heat oven to 180C. Line a baking sheet or tray with silpat or baking paper.

Combine buckwheat and ragi flours, baking powder and baking soda in a  small bowl.

To melt the butter, I used a stainless steel mixing bowl and put that directly on my stovetop over low heat.  You could melt  the butter in the microwave too.  Cool the butter a bit. Mix butter, both sugars, vanilla extract and egg in the same bowl really well.

Add the flour mixture and combine with a spatula or wooden spoon.

Stir in the  cocoa nibs, chopped almonds, chocolate chips.

Drop by rounded tablespoon on prepared baking sheet.

Bake for 15 – 17 minutes or until the cookie is lightly browned and just firm to touch.  They do firm up further as they cool, so take care not to over bake them.

Let the cookies sit on the tray for a minute then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

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Sarah J

This looks AMAZING!!!! Can’t wait to try it out 🙂