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Hi!  I’m Natasha

Running a food business, raising 2 children ( one teen and the other a tween), married to a true blooded (read voracious foodie) Punjabi.  While I never met a doughnut I didn’t love,  my own keenness to stay fit,  and hubby’s genetic predisposition to easily clogged arteries – put me on path of discovering  the whole wide world of healthy yet delicious cooking & baking options.

I am a sucker for foods that have loads of texture and flavors, using ingredients that are healthy, fresh and locally available.  Whether cooking / baking for clients, family or just myself, kitchen is where I find my groove.  This blog is my journey, of treats and eats, of savories and sweets.  I kid you not, you will find these recipes a refreshing break from the usual “good stuff” that’s  out there..!!