Easy Jamun ( Java Plum) No Churn Icecream

Vegan Jamun ( Java Plum) No Churn Icecream

Do I need to shout out my love for jamuns every season? Yes, I believe so!! ūüôā

While everybody is talking about mangoes ( don’t get me wrong, I am too!) , not too many pay attention to this gorgeous plump juicy fruit that thrives in this monsoon season. And like many ¬†others, my family isn’t particularly fond of it either..its a different story when I turn it into compotes, smoothies, nice creams, popsicle, ¬†cooling drinks or like I did today into vegan Jamun ( Java Plum) Icecream…a ridiculously easy 4 ingredient recipe!!

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Easy Cherry Yogurt Popsicles

Cherry Yogurt Popsicles

The crazy hot days of summer are here, and here to stay for a long while. But summers are also about quieter days, school holidays, lazy schedules, movies, reading and of course ice creams!

Now that there is a glut of juicy, luscious cherries everywhere, they have to be promptly brought home and eaten gluttonously. And since there is a constant demand for frozen snacks, I have for you these  Cherry Yogurt Popsicles!

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Chocolate Cheesecake Popsicles


Chocolate Cheesecake Popsicles

After helping me make¬†Jamun Yogurt Popsicles¬†and¬†Raw Chocolate Amaranth Bars, my son has been¬†completely¬†enthused about making “something interesting”. ¬†I had promised ¬†him chocolate popsicles. ¬†In our house, if anything chocolatey is made, it has to be rich and fudgy. ¬†We don’t understand anything else! ¬†So it was Chocolate Cheesecake Popsicles…though they are really fudgesicles!!

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