My greatest ode to summer is whatever I have made with peaches that week! This quintessential stone fruit is without a doubt my favorite among its kind to work with. Juicy, sweet and so versatile, peaches are to my summer joy what Delhi heatwaves are to my summer despair (yes, I am dramatic about fruit). From pies to cakes and refreshing brews, there is nothing that a good batch of peaches do not brighten. 


So while you can, buy all the peaches you find, and let’s make some brilliant summer treats with them in our arsenal! In this post, I am highlighting 8 of my go-to peach recipes. 

Peach & Rosemary Pie

Peach Rosemary Pie vegan dairyfree wholegrain baking summer special

Here’s the first thing I make to show off my peak season peaches!

With a crispy golden buttery crust, soft sweet luscious fruit, bubbling juices peeking out…this pie is utterly divine. It’s also a great excuse to stock up on some ice cream to serve along with it. 

Eggless Coconut Peach Cake

Eggless Coconut Peach Cake

Soft, fluffy, crunchy from sugar and toasted coconut and the floral flavor from incredibly juicy, sweet peaches. This cake is evocative of a tropical holiday treat!

Almond Peach Popsicles 

Almond Peach Popsicles | Easy vegan recipe

These sweet, ambrosial, refreshing Almond Peach Popsicles are intensely summery and pure goodness. They are easy to make and a fabulous healthy dessert to keep in the freezer to enjoy anytime. 

Peach Shortcake 

Peach Shortcake | Easy eggless shortcake recipe

Creamy sweetness in every bite is a balmy delight. The fluffy biscuits paired with juicy fruit are a feast for the senses. 

Peach Iced Tea | Cold Brewed

Peach Iced Tea

We regularly make a pitcher of this chilled and delightful thirst quencher! Infused with fresh peaches, this simple 4 ingredient Iced Tea is just a perfect refresher for our scorching days. 

Peach & Plum Bars

Peach & Plum Crumb Bars

Easy, delectable gluten-free bars! These are a scrumptious mid-morning treat, lightly sweet and tart with a soft buttery crust and a crunchy crumb topping. You will have to hold yourself back from eating them all in one go!

Vegan Lavender Peach Galette

Vegan Lavender Peach Galette | Easy summer baking

How I wish I could bottle up the aroma from these galettes. With this recipe, you will get juicy, sweet peaches, ensconced in a flaky buttery pastry with a whiff of gorgeous floral lavender!

Focaccia with Peaches & Rosemary 

I recently discovered the wonder of adding peaches to my focaccia. A touch of rosemary, sea salt, and a whole lot of peaches will take your focaccia to the next level. The inspiration for these toppings came from the wonderfully talented Carolina Gelen and the bread itself from The Perfect Loaf.

Note – I do not have a separate blog post on this, but you can see my previous focaccia posts here and just change the toppings to add peaches. 

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