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Here you will find feel-good recipes for all food lovers. From scrumptious desserts to savory delights, there is something for everyone. The recipes I share are easy, healthy and indulgent. Join me in my kitchen adventures and sharing love through food!

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36 pages (and counting) of addictive, decadent, and healthy dessert recipes!
With desserts (the most essential part of the meal, if you ask me), I’ve made sure there is a recipe for everyone. Doesn’t matter if you’re baking a pie for the first time or perfecting the art of tarts.
So, where do you begin? Where your heart desires. Pick from muffins, banana breads, scones, panna cotta, truffles, or Indian desserts.

Mango-Filled Donuts


These mango-filled donuts are a summer party in your mouth. You munch through a crispy exterior to find the softest, pillowiest interior, and then the creamy, velvety mango curd hits…

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Easy Tiramisu Recipe


The first bite of this easy tiramisu recipe completely floors you. It’s so luxuriously creamy and soft that your fork literally glides through it, bringing with it a symphony of…

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