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Warm Black Rice Broccoli Pumpkin Salad

  The truth is  I’m always cold! I get sniffles as soon as the weather turns. I am a mile away from all cold foods and drinks. Even my smoothies are at room temperature now. My sweaters and socks are already out, much to everyone’s amusement! Oh well as long as I have a bowl of this Warm Black Rice Broccoli Pumpkin Salad with a zesty Orange Ginger Dressing, I’m good and cozy.…

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Healthy Chocolate Mug Cake

  So I’m back again with yet another chocolate treat!! Told you, when the kids are together its rather difficult to keep them away from sweet indulgences. They both decided that they are old enough to handle mug cakes  and not bother me..After many overflowing cakes and dirty microwave disasters, I decided to deal with their obsessive craving and made Healthy Chocolate Mug Cake for them!…

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Desserts/ Snacks

Crispy Chocolate Treats

  Did I ever mention we are all tremendous chocoholics? Yea, only like a hundred times, right? 🙂 Now that the daughter is also home from college for her Diwali break, both the kids are seriously hankering for treats every single day! Thankfully, both love homemade candies, so here we are with these delightful little Crispy Chocolate Treats!!…

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