sweet & savory


Whether your dad has a sweet tooth, loves a cheesy meal, or is the healthy eater in your life, we've got the best Father's Day recipes to treat him! 👉


Eggs have never looked better, this easy Shakshuka recipe guarantees love at first bite!

Cheese Board

If your dad loves cheese and wine, this is the best snack or appetiser to serve up!

French Toast Casserole

Crisp and puffed up fresh out of the oven, top it with icing sugar and some berries, this is the ultimate breakfast bake!

Sourdough  Waffles

Perfect for the sourdough loving dad.

Easy  Tiramisu

This is a light and airy dessert that everyone will love! It's seriously easy to put together.

Swedish  Chocolate Cake

This divine cake is my go to for any special occasion! It’s a soft, sticky, gooey and dense treat that everyone will adore.