Quinoa Sweet Potato Salad

Easy & delicious

Tasha's Artisan Foods


– Quinoa – Sweet potatoes – Mango – Parsley – Red Chilli Flakes – Mashed avocado & Pan roasted cherry tomatoes – Red wine vinegar – Smoked paprika all ingredients below!

step 1

Toss the diced sweet potatoes with olive oil, salt, pepper and chilli flakes. Spread evenly on a baking tray and roast till cooked through.

step 2

Flip them over a couple of times while roasting. Let cool. Rinse the quinoa very well and place in a saucepan. Add 2 cups of water to 1 cup of quinoa.

step 3

Let it come to boil, lower the heat and cover the pan. Cook for about 15 minutes, till all the water has been absorbed.

step 4

Let it stay covered for a few minutes, then fluff it up with fork. Spread the cooked quinoa on a tray to cool it.

step 5

In a bowl, add the cooled quinoa, sweet potatoes, cucumber, carrots and pomegranates. Toss well with the vinaigrette. Taste and adjust seasoning.

step 6

Gently mix in the mangoes and parsley. Serve immediately or refrigerate for a few hours and serve chilled.