Homemade Focaccia

Easy & delicious

Tasha's Artisan Foods


– All-purpose flour – Yeast – Salt – Sugar – Lukewarm water – Olive oil – Sea salt and Rosemary for sprinkling on top all ingredients below!

step 1

– Combine the flour, yeast, salt, and sugar in a large bowl. – Pour over the lukewarm water. Mix well!

step 2

Pour a tsp or two of olive oil on the surface of the dough and rub it all over. Cover and rest for 18-24 hrs .

step 3

Fold the dough over itself. Turn the bowl a quarter of the way and fold the dough over itself again.

step 4

Let it rise again. Sprinkle rosemary  (if using) over the dough. Pour over olive oil, then dimple the dough with your fingers.

step 5

Bake the bread for  25-30 mins, until the top is golden brown.