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Tasha's Artisan Foods

Bringing you these easy Hot Cross Buns just in time for Easter! These soft, sweet, lightly spiced buns studded with raisins and cranberries are a treat for everyone!


– All purpose flour – Wholewheat flour – Salt – Sugar – Cinnamon powder – Nutmeg powder – Lemon Zest – Dried active yeast – Oil – Raisins, halved – Dried Cranberries all ingredients below!

step 1

Mix the dry ingredients together. Then add in the yeast mixture and knead together the dough. Allow it to rest and double!

step 2

Divide the dough into equal pieces. Roll into balls, place on the prepared baking tray. Pipe on the flour paste to make the cross!

step 3

Bake for about 20 mins, till the buns are golden brown. Transfer them to a cooling rack and serve them warm!