It is the season for cheer and no celebration is complete without some sweets!

Not only do we want to serve delicious goodies, but we also want to keep it light and easy, less complicated but without compromising on flavour. Seems a challenge, especially when you’re pressed for time. No worries, for I bring you my all-time favourite 8  Indian Sweets Recipes For Diwali, made quick and easy.

Get your aprons on, my mouth watering 8 specials are served up in style!


Nankhatai Indian Shortbread Cookies | 8 Indian Sweets Recipes For Diwali

Nankhatai, light and crumbly, these melt- in- your -mouth, cardamom and rose flavoured Indian shortbread cookies, aka nankhatai are truly a delectable treat!


Sooji Badam Halwa  |8 Indian Sweets Recipes For Diwali

Sooji badam halwa or semolina almond pudding is one of the easiest and quickest desserts made in indian homes. Be it any celebration or festival this is the most commonly made treat. But in our house, we have plenty of excuses to make it- rainy days, cold weather, sore throats, anyone feeling the blues…we love it that much!!


Easy Coconut Ladoo ( laddu) | 8 Indian Sweets Recipes For Diwali

Nothing compares to homemade treats like Easy Coconut Ladoos ( laddu) !They turn out moist, soft, with just a slight chewiness, sweet but not cloyingly so.  Fabulously easy and quick to make too. I made these in about 20-25 minutes, including the rolling time!! Faster than the time it would take anyone to drive up to a shop and purchase some!


Coconut Saffron Burfi | 8 Indian Sweets Recipes For Diwali

Coconut Saffron Burfi comes from my father’s recipe archives and is just to die for!  In fact, it reminds me of “kalakand” with its soft grainy texture and distinctive sweet fudgy milky taste.  Saffron and pistachio give gorgeous festive colours and flavours.


Besan Burfi |8 Indian Sweets Recipes For Diwali

Besan Burfi is sweet, fudgy, gooey, and makes regular appearance in our house in winters.  Between my parents, husband and me, we have that many adaptations of this dessert!!  Jam packed with dry fruits, mixed with semolina or coconut, light coloured, dark one ( like mine) , cut in squares or rolled into laddoos, each one’s better than the others, or so we’d like to believe!


Carrot Seviyan Payasam | Carrot Vermicelli Kheer | 8 Indian Sweets Recipes For Diwali

It’s the season for beautiful red carrots, flavourful, sweet and crunchy. And while the rest of North India is busy enjoying Gajar ka Halwa ( carrot halwa) at this time of the year, I have to admit, I’m NOT a fan at all! Yes, yes I know, I may have offended a lot of people by saying this…my family for one can’t understand this phenomena at all. But then I have my vegan Carrot Seviyan Payasam / Carrot Vermicelli Kheer is a fabulous option, which, incidentally, is totally loved by all!!


Sabudana Kheer ( sago pudding) | 8 Indian Sweets Recipes For Diwali

This recipe came about one day when I was chewing my parents’ brains about getting some recipe ideas from them. Fed up, they suggested kheer! Now I’m the biggest fan of traditionally made kheer – with rice, milk and sugar ( it does most definitely deserves a blog post of its own). But I just had to mess with that recipe!  So, in came millets, almond milk and jaggery with a splash of rose-water. And thankfully this Almond Millet Kheer (Pudding) flew with the purists in my family!


Sabudana Kheer ( sago pudding) | 8 Indian Sweets Recipes For Diwali

Last but no way the least is this ever popular Sabudana Kheer ( Sago Pudding) – with a colourful twist!! I just had to..can’t leave a recipe alone! I love the soft, smooth, creamy texture of sabudana. It’s really light on the stomach and is very cooling to the system. This recipe was made using light coconut milk, but you can use any milk of your choice. Since I added some rosewater to the kheer, I decided to sweeten with honey instead of sugar. I like the mellow sweetness of honey with the rose flavour!

Eat well, feed well and have a great time with family and friends! After all festivals are made for treats and eats, no better way to please your loved ones this season with these deliciously easy home-made recipes.
Happy sinful indulgence to you all!