Natasha Minocha

Hi!  I’m Natasha

Running a food business, raising 2 children ( one teen and the other a tween), married to a true blooded (read voracious foodie) Punjabi.  While I never met a doughnut I didn’t love,  my own keenness to stay fit,  and hubby’s genetic predisposition to easily clogged arteries – put me on path of discovering  the whole wide world of healthy yet delicious cooking & baking options.

I am a sucker for foods that have loads of texture and flavours, using ingredients that are healthy, fresh and locally available.  Whether cooking / baking for clients, family or just myself, kitchen is where I find my groove.  This blog is my journey, of treats and eats, of savouries and sweets. I’m so excited to have you here, to share my kitchen adventures with you!

I’d love to hear from you and get to know you, so please do drop in a comment here or get in touch through my CONTACT page. 🙂

Cheers from Tasha’s Artisan Foods!