Somehow, I continue to be surprised with the reminder of weeks and months passing by as we live through this pandemic. Part of the “new normal” that is being continuously shaped, is the manipulation of how we perceive time. For me, this has meant slow creeping days juxtaposed with months disappearing in the blink of an eye. For my son – separated from his classmates and social outlets, it has seemed like years have come and gone. 

However, something my family and I all take comfort in sharing is the privilege of being able to soak up more indoor activities than we ever have. From reading to amateur painting and incomplete puzzles, we have been moving through the pandemic with the help of art, good food and each other. 

Looking back on the months, I can appreciate just how much of the art and food shaped my time – making it both worthwhile and enjoyable! 

In case you want to check out last month’s favorites, you can find them here

My Moments of Joy… 

Favorite Books

Becoming by Michelle Obama

“For me, becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. I see it instead as forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self. The journey doesn’t end…. It’s all a process, steps along a path. Becoming requires equal parts patience and rigour. Becoming is never giving up on the idea that there’s more growing to be done.”

excerpt from Becoming

This memoir was inspiring, thought-provoking and an absolute joy to read. I did not think I could admire Michelle Obama more – cut to me happily crying several times in this book, rooting for her and feeling a strong sense of kinship! In spite of being remarkably intelligent and well educated, she has made the book very easy to read. It is honest and straightforward, much like herself. 

I was most moved by her early experiences navigating life as an ambitious young woman. From questioning her worth and place in the world to understanding how love and family fit in was so relatable. She does not sugarcoat the work and sacrifices it took for her to find her path in life, the number of people and mentors who helped her along the way. 

I can not begin to cover everything I adored about this book, so I really just recommend it to all! It’s fascinating, inspiring, funny, emotional – 15/10. 

Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman

This book was deeply sad, beautiful and enchanting. I fell so in love with the poetic writing and settings of the world Aciman painted. I barely know how to talk about it, but one thing that will stick with me forever is the ending of this book. Hands down the most heartbreaking and painful final pages I have ever come across in a book. 

Late to the party on this – but I am now going to watch the film adaptation!

Real Fast Food by Nigel Slater

I revisited one of my most read cookbooks – Nigel Slater’s Real Fast Food! Slater is one of my favourite food writers. The kind of food writer whose work I sometimes read even when I don’t have any intention of making the food – I just want the experience of reading how that food is described! This one, in particular, has an interesting touch of adding a narrative to before every section, which covers a quick history or his personal tips. The sections themselves are divided simply into categories like pasta, salad, eggs – the basics of fast foods.

The recipes focus on fresh ingredients and can be ready in less than 30 minutes – fuss-free and fun! 

Recipes I Love

I am inspired every day by the creative minds of food bloggers. Some I have been following for years, others I discover in my daily Pinterest scroll. The end result is always me gushing about new ideas and adding to my mountain of saved recipes! Here are some of my favorite finds from this month – 

TV Shows That Were Binged 

Salt Fat Acid Heat

Salt Fat Acid Heat

Based on her book, this series follows Samin Nosrat throughout the world as she explores what according to her are the four tenets of cooking – salt, fat, acid and heat. This series is hands down the most visually stunning food show I have ever seen! It is so thoughtfully created, deep-diving into simple ingredients and their rich backstories. Who knew salt was so complex and fascinating? Led by the charming, full of life Samin Nosrat, I was moved by every food experience they created. From making pasta to collecting seaweed in Japan – she is so in awe of food that you can’t help but feel the same! 

Schitts Creek 

I think the Emmys this year speak for how I feel about the show –  It deserves all the awards!! It has the most wonderful character development, heartwarming relationships and hilarious plots all wrapped up in a perfect series. Such a great family watch. 

Baking Bliss 

My highlights are not complete without some easy & delicious bakes!

Gluten-free Apple Hand Pies | easy apple pie recipe

Can Autumn even begin without apple pie? Not in my world. These little hand pies are the cutest dessert, topped with truly decadent caramel sauce. Fresh apples and cinnamon are the quintessential Fall combination that makes everything cosy and wonderful.

Chai-Spiced Apple Cake | Easy vegan apple cake recipe

I love chai, I love apples. Together, they are simply a dream come true (my dreams are all food-based). The mixture of spices ties together all the flavours so well that a basic cake transforms into a sophisticated treat! 

Coconut Ginger Madeleines | Easy vegen coconut madeleines recipe

An apple interlude is always acceptable, especially when they are in the form of delicate little madeleines! These flavours together are something special. The gingery zest that comes through with every bite, paired with the freshness of coconut ginger gives them an astonishingly well-balanced flavour profile.

Homemade Bagels Recipe | Easy Bagel Recipe

As much as I adore the sweet treats, these bagels might be my favourite recipe of the month. They are such fun to make and taste fantastic! With endless topping options and the perfect texture, I have been eating them day and night. 

Eggless Double Chocolate Chip Cookies | Easy cookie recipe

These cookies are buttery, deeply chocolatey, balanced with the perfect amount of sweetness. What more could you want for an indulgent bite? They are now at the top of my cookie rotation and being made even by the kids. Quick and easy!

Autumn Inspiration 

Though autumn is still finding its footing here (yes, climate change is terrifying), I am still going full steam ahead with my seasonal prep! That means all the candles are coming out, pumpkin and soup recipes are underway and I am fully prepared for hot chocolate evenings. 

Have a great new month everyone, lots of love.