It’s the season of color and joy – Holi is right around the corner! Here, you will find a lovely collection of easy Holi recipes – desserts, snacks, drinks, and meals!

This day is filled with warm memories of the festive foods and celebrations I grew up with. No matter how I am celebrating each year, the flavors of Holi will fill my home in abundance. From classic gujiyas and lots of thandai masala in desserts to modern twists on traditional flavors with cheesecakes and cookies.

Holi Sweets Recipes

Thandai Baked Yogurt
The creamy ivory-white dessert fills the home with delightful fragrances, is just the right amount of sweet, and exquisitely textured with specks of thandai powder!
Recipe Here
Thandai Baked Yogurt | Easy 3 ingredient Gluten-free Baked Yogurt Recipe
A step-by-step recipe for the best crispy, flaky, stuffed baked gujiya!
Recipe Here
Gujiya | Baked Mawa Gujiya
A simple and quick recipe for the best classic Phirni recipe. And this one is vegan!
Recipe Here
Phirni | Vegan Phirni Recipe | Indian Dessert
No Churn Thandai Ice Cream
The no-churn thandai ice cream is mouthwatering, luxurious with ribbons of creamy texture and rich taste. And making it at home is fuss-free. No ice cream machine needed!
Recipe Here
No-Churn Thandai Ice Cream | Easy Thandai Ice Cream Recipe
Mawa Cake
Decadent, delicious and arguably the butteriest delight, mawa cake is a must-have delicacy for the festive season!
Recipe Here
Mawa Cake | Parsi Mawa Cake | Easy Eggless Recipe
Eggless Thandai Cookies
Bursting with nutty savors layered on top of floral flavours, these thandai shortbread cookies are buttery, and just the right amount of sweet!
Recipe Here
Eggless Thandai Cookies | Easy thandai shortbread cookies | Spiced shortbread cookies
Mango Thandai Popsicles
The mango thandai popsicle is bursting with the bold flavors of the tropical fruit mingled beautifully with the nutty, spicy thandai mix in a smooth, creamy texture.
Recipe Here
Mango Thandai Popsicles | Easy mango popsicles recipe with Thandai flavors
No-Bake Saffron Cheesecake
Light, refreshing, and with an embarrassingly easy recipe, the no-bake saffron cheesecake is the perfect dessert for a Holi get-together!
Recipe Here
No-Bake Saffron Cheesecake
Easy Malpua Recipe
An easier, lighter and slightly healthier version of the original malpua, but no less crispy, gooey and indulgent dessert for Holi!
Recipe Here
Easy Malpua Recipe Indian Dessert Festive Food
Strawberry Thandai Popsicles
Five ingredients, five minutes of your time and you’ll have the delightful frozen dessert that is Strawberry Thandai Popsicles!
Recipe Here
Strawberry Thandai Popsicles vegetarian, dessert, healthy, yogurt, fruit, refined sugarfree, frozen treat
Saffron Cardamom Cheesecake, Eggless
It’s deliciously luscious, and the aromatic complexity weaved in the creamy cheese emphasizes the inherent flavors with every bite. 
Recipe Here
Saffron Cardamom Cheesecake| Eggless Baked Saffron Cheesecake
Saffron Cardamom Baked Yogurt
A classic, easy dessert with an old fashioned charm. This Saffron Cardamom Baked yogurt is pure bliss!
Recipe Here
Saffron Cardamom Baked Yogurt with Mango Saffron Compote easy dessert
Gur Wale Chawal (Jaggery Rice)
This fragrant, delicate rice dessert is a family specialty that brings me so much joy to recreate. A classic Indian delicacy!
Recipe Here
Jaggery Rice Gur Wale Chawal Indian Festive Dessert
Gajar Ka Halwa
Hands down the most popular Indian dessert is Gajar ka Halwa ( carrot halwa)! And I have here my mother’s incredibly easy recipe, with a small twist, for you to try.
Recipe Here
Gajar ka Halwa ( Carrot Halwa) vegan dairyfree glutenfree refined sugarfree Indian Dessert

Thandai Masala Mix

Thandai Masala is a good place to start with a lot of Holi recipes. From the classic Thandai drink to add it to baked goods, this quick homemade masala is super versatile!
For those new to Thandai:

  • Thandai Masala is a delicious spice powder mix that is used to make a special cold drink Thandai, which is popular during Holi season.
  • It is especially beloved during this season because its a super refreshing and easy drink to make!
  • You can use this Masala Mix to make Thandai and many other recipes. For example, Thandai Cookies.
Instant Thandai Masala Mix
It just takes simple ingredients and 5 minutes to prepare! 
Once you have a jar of Thandai Masala at home, not only can you enjoy Thandai drink anytime, but use it in so many delicious recipes. 
Recipe Here
Instant Thandai Masala Mix nuts, spices, vegan,healthy, homemade, drink, Holi special

Holi Snacks Recipes

Sweet Mathri
Crispy yet soft, the flaky delights are laced with just a hint of sweetness. The perfect snack when you’re craving for “halka meetha!” 
Recipe Here
Sweet Mathri Recipe | easy baked meethi mathri with jaggery
Baked Classic Mathri
They baked mathri are just as delicious as fried mathris – perfect crispy, flaky snacks to accompany your chai!
Recipe Here
Easy Baked Mathri | Vegan healthy mathri recipe
Utterly crispy, puffy, and flaky, these little bite-sized Shankarpali are a delight. Their pastry-like texture melts in your mouth.
Recipe Here
Shankarpali Recipe | Sweet Shankarpali Recipe| Shakkarpara

Holi Meal Recipes (Lunch, Dinner)

Fresh Green Chickpea (Chholiya) Pulao
A healthy, nourishing meal packed with seasonal veggies that is so easy to whip up! The perfect addition to any lunch table.
Recipe Here
Fresh Green Chickpea (Chholiya) Pulao vegan glutenfree healthy easy rice recipe
Sabudana Khichdi
Sabudana Khichdi is extremely simple to make, nutritious and so very flavorful. This vegan and gluten-free dish is always a hit!
Recipe here
Sabudana Khichdi / Sago Pearl Pilaf Vrat ka Khana Indian Food Vegan Glutenfree
Besan Cheela
This recipe for classic, crispy cheela is really very simple! So delicious, nutritious and fun to make.
Recipe Here
Besan Cheela w/ Purslane brunch vegan, healthy, glutenfree

I hope you give some of these delicious and easy recipes a try!

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