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A cookie recipe to fill up every jar imaginable and beyond.
It’s hard to pick my personal favorites, but if I just had to choose, it’d be the classic chocolate chip cookies or nankhatai (eggless cardamom cookies). And when I’m short on time, then no-bake cookies.
Yearning to try something new? Start with biscotti, meringue cookies, or shortbread cookies. Looking for vegan or eggless cookies? Do not pass go on peanut butter cookies.

Maple Pecan Cookies


As you bite into the maple pecan cookies, you move through three stages of heaven: from crispy edges to a crunchy middle to an unbelievably chewy center. The cookies, packed…

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Almond Ricotta Cookies


A lot of the Christmas cookies I’ve baked over the last decade go ‘snap’ with every bite because they’re crispy and crunchy. The almond ricotta cookies are the quirky outliers….

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