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Here you will find feel-good recipes for all food lovers. From scrumptious desserts to savory delights, there is something for everyone. The recipes I share are easy, healthy and indulgent. Join me in my kitchen adventures and sharing love through food!

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Dips & Sauces

Dips and sauce recipes that become a savior to elevate any meal!
You’ll come upon dips that lend an extra zing (think basil pesto and creamy ricotta cheese), and condiments that make you pucker (think luscious Tzatziki or tangy salsa.
I’ve also got you covered with basic dips and sauces (think chutney for lunch or a simple tomato sauce for pasta). Searching for vegan options? Make the velvety caramel sauce your starting point.

Vegan Mango Curd


Vegan mango curd puts every other mango recipe I’ve tried to weepy shame. The jazzy interplay of sweet and tart make the creamy curd tempting. But it’s the gorgeous buttery…

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