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Who says breakfast recipes have to take time?
I love healthy and quick breakfasts that are a breeze to put together or, better yet, make-ahead recipes like granola and chia puddings.
From classic French toast to comforting pancakes to fancy crêpes and waffles for special occasions, the morning meal just got easier. My recommendation? Begin with overnight oats or basic cheelas, then move on to jam scones!

Carrot Cake Waffles


Healthy, fantastic, and easy carrot cake waffles loaded with walnuts give them a gorgeous crunch. They’re super crispy on top and soft on the inside, with oodles of cinnamon that…

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Banana Granola


Making fresh granola is extremely satisfying because baking it requires little effort, but Banana Granola truly takes it up a notch. My go-to breakfast accompaniment is a delicious blend of crunchy…

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